Price  23000 per.sq.ft
Inaugural Discount 1500 per.sq.ft
Net price 22000 PSF +Extras as applicable
Size 2600 Sq. Ft approx 3BHK
3200 Sq Ft approx 4BHK
Sizes are tentative

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Trevoc Gurgaon

Trevoc Gurgaon is located at Kendriya Vihar, Sector 56, Gurugram, and is meant to give you the sensation of being ‘elevated’ at all hours and on all days. Every three-bedroom apartment and feature has been thoughtfully designed and reflects a perfectly composed existence. The master concept and floor design ensure that the bulk of the units in this residential complex face green or amenity areas, providing optimal air and lighting.






2600 Sq. Ft.

3200 Sq. Ft.


 Rs 5.98 Cr* 

 Rs 7.36 Cr* 

Our Project

Site And Floor Plan

Master plan

Floor Plan


Trevoc Group

TREVOC Group (The Real Estate Venture of Chawlas) provides you an opportunity to experience modern living like never before in the vibrant city of Gurgaon. Presents Trevoc Sector 56 Gurgaon offers 3 and 4 BHK apartments that will undoubtedly redefine the concept of luxury and convenience.

Residents can enjoy an open and comfortable environment with floor plans aimed at ideal rooms and nature fresh air in greenery areas. From swimming pools and fitness centers to beautiful green spaces and relaxing spots there is something for everyone. Rail connectivity is excellent in Sector 56. Netaji Subhash Marg connects it to the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, which offers convenient access to Delhi.

Trevoc Builde­r goes beyond a brand. We assures­ top-notch homes, prosperous ente­rprises, and joyful neighborhoods. We have spent years creating not only structure­s, but fulfilling aspirations. TREVOC stands for The real estate ventures of Chawlas.

The company founded many years ago by a leader with foresight and experience. Trevoc Builder carries a strong legacy. Across residential, commercial, and retail projects, we have delivered success. Each brick is a symbol of our dedication.

Imagine spacious layouts, bathed in sunlight. Luxurious amenities, designed for comfort. Eco-friendly features, whispering care for the planet. Trevoc Gurgaon’s residential projects are havens. Each one unique, each one built to nurture families.

Trevoc Developers understands business. Our commercial spaces designed to inspire success. Intelligent designs that optimize workflow, world-class amenities that attract talent, and prime locations. It will put you at the heart of the action. Your business deserves to thrive, and we build the stage for that. Our all properties will be register by HRERA.

Trevoc Gurugram’s retail projects are more than stores, they’re experiences. Wide aisles that invite exploration, a curated mix of brands that delight. Also, a comfortable atmosphere that makes shopping a pleasure. Step into a Trevoc retail space, and let the joy of discovery begin.

Trevoc Group Gurgaon doesn’t build, we care. Sustainable development is woven into the fabric of every project. Energy-efficient materials, innovative technologies, and designs that cut environmental impact. We build not only for today, but for the generations to come.

Trevoc Group Gurugram believes in building not spaces, but communities. Educational initiatives, charitable endeavors, and a commitment to social responsibility. These are all part of our story. Because building a better future means building together.

Trevoc Group doesn’t build structures, we build partnerships. We listen to your needs, understand your vision, and then bring it to life. Your dream home, your thriving business, your vibrant community – it all starts with a conversation.


the Future of Real Estate


Trevoc Group vision is to become a premier real estate brand. It is by recognized and respected for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Also, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our clients. To be the real estate name whispered with respect, the one clients trust for unwavering excellence. 


We chase innovation, not trends, building beyond expectations, not blueprints. Value isn’t a word, it’s our promise, woven into every brick, every beam. We craft living spaces, workplaces, and havens that sing your story, exceeding your dreams, not meeting them. This is our path, paved with dedication, not shortcuts. To be the premier, the remembered, the one who turns “home” into “heart” for years to come. That’s our ambition, that’s Trevoc.


Our roots run deep, a legacy sculpted by unwavering commitment. But we don’t rest on laurels. Growth isn’t ours alone, it’s a promise we share with you. Together, we redefine real estate, not with paint, but with passion. Trevoc Builder envisions spaces, not only square footage, spaces that nurture dreams and empower ambitions. That’s why we stand hand-in-hand, not builders, but partners. 

For those seeking the extraordinary, not the expected, we offer a haven: Trevoc. A community where aspirations find form, where success takes root, and where every “I want” finds its “I can.” We may have history, but our eyes fixed on the future, fueled by your dreams and guided by our promise. Welcome, let’s rewrite real estate, together.


Genesis of TREVOC

Every remarkable brand is born from a visionary concept. TREVOC was conceived with a clear purpose – to reshape the landscape of real estate. The founders envisioned a brand that extends beyond constructing outstanding spaces, aiming to elevate and enhance lives. From conceptualization to the fruition of our inaugural project, each phase is driven by a pursuit of brilliance and innovation.

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Our team understands that buying an apartment is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. With years of experience in the real estate industry, we are equipped to guide you through every step of the process, from identifying suitable properties to negotiating the best prices and closing the deal seamlessly.

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